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It 's my favorite time of year. This is the best time to explore the beach. Still warm and sunny, and there are frequent storms (you 'll see why later issues), and there are few people on the beach. For another six weeks along the mid Atlantic (before it gets too cold), I encourage you to spend some time getting to know your local beach. Here are 10 tips for a successful trip beachcombing.

10. what to bring. Here 's a list of some items that you might want to remember until I was ready for any situation.

The beach is often much colder inside so bring layers. You may want to wear shorts, hiking, and zippered Sweatshirt you bring even equipped with lots of pockets for some other items that might be necessary.
Make sure to have some soles. Sure it 's our instinct to be barefoot, but if you want to venture out along sidewalks or make sure the rocks you have some old sneakers or water shoes with some decent grip (after all, I don 't want to ruin your adventure with the hole into some sharp object). Also, the water may be a little cooler than I prefer some good foot coverage allows you to delve into the tidal pool.
Make sure to watch.
Even during the
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When you go. For the best experience for beachcombing will need to check when low tide in your beach spot. Best time to go beachcombing 2-3 hours until low tide or an hour or so after (this is why it is important to monitor, and you don 't want to get stuck in the throes during high tides). Many animals live in underwater tidal sand during high tide, but come out to play (search for food) during low tides. If you time until you get the check from the beach after a big storm will be in for a real treat. Strong waves and wind storms work will wash the fossils, bones, seaweed, and treasures a lot of other interesting from the bottom of the ocean. Also, keep in mind that dawn and dusk are hard times learn Beach treasures. Although this is a great time to spot birds many fish tend to come out to the surface in these

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