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Bead rollers are popular equipment used in manufacturing facilities to stiffen or shape metals. These bead rollers are electrically powered or operated by traditional crank and wheel. These bead rollers depend on a variety of components for efficient operation. Roller dies are the most important components that contribute to the working efficiency of a bead roller. These dies are used to shape or stiffen metals in the desired form. Bead roller dies are referred from the size or shape of their beads. There are various types of standard and specific bead roller dies in the manufacturing industry. This post discusses some popular varieties of standard and operation-specific bead roller dies used by manufacturers. Types of Bead Roller Dies Used…show more content…
These bead roller die sets are machined with durable materials for a long shelf life. • Spoiler Roll Sets: These bead roller dies can be used in electric or manual bead rollers to create a spoiler that can design and stiffen up 18 gauge mild steel or up to 16 gauge aluminum. These roller dies provide dependable service with their durable construction. Aluminum, steel, and nylon are few durable materials used for creating these types of roll sets. • 45 degree Bead Dies: These roller dies are used in manual bead rollers to create 45 degrees elevation that can shape or stiffen up any metal project. These roller dies are available in various bead dimensions from 1/8”, 3/16”, ¼”, 5/16 inch, 3/8 inch and up to 1”. • 90 Degree Bead Dies: These dies are used in manual and electrical bead rollers to create 90-degree elevation that can be used to shape any metal project. • Turning Dies: These dies are used for creating round edges on metal sheet panels. These dies are made of precision steel and other durable metals that ensure long-term performance. These dies are used to handle up to 16 gauge mild

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