Beaker Temperature Lab Report

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1. In this graph the temperature that the beaker started of at was at -2 degrees because it had just came out of the freezer for 48 hours. There were times where the graph plateaued out and times when the graph had an incline. There was an incline when the results reached 42 degrees until it reached 90 degrees. The graph plateaued out when the temperature reached 26 degrees and stayed on for one minute (4mins to 5mins). It also stays on 96 degrees for 2 mins (14mins to 16mins). The results always goes higher because the ice melts from the heat, when the ice melts means that the water is getting hotter. At the beginning of this experiment the water was only increasing in temperature very slowly, and in the middle of the graph the water increases faster, however at the end the water slowed down staying on
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The graph plateaus out 2 times in the graph. When the graph plateaus out this means that the ice is turning into liquid and the when the graph plateaued out again this meant that the liquid was changing to gas. When the solid was turning too liquid this gave the atoms energy but not much, when heat is gave to the atoms this makes the atoms vibrate. When the liquid was turning gas, the heat from the bunsen burner gave the atoms more energy which made the atoms go crazy vibrating even more. When heat interacts with the atoms, the heat increases the vibration of the atoms, the atoms in a solid have very little energy, the atoms in a liquid have some energy and the atoms in a gas have a lot of energy.

4. Errors could occur in the graph if we don’t read the thermometer right and don 't write it down right, also you could graph it wrong and put something in the wrong place. You could also not be paying attention and miss 2 minutes or something and then the results wouldn 't be fair. Other errors that could happen could be knocking over the beaker, not using a protection mat or putting the wrong amount of water in the beaker before placing it in the

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