Beanbags: A Fictional Narrative

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It was December 25, 1999, and my partner Jorge and I were driving down a country highway in our police car near Chicago. We usually worked during the holidays, so that some other officers could get a day-off. There was a ton of snow that year; streets were barely visible. Driving down the street slowly was pretty boring, so we just talked.

"There is a lot of snow today," I murmured.

"I thought that this was just a little drizzle," Jorge said sarcastically. I rolled my eyes, and he continued driving slowly down the icy road.

"What if we have to chase someone in our car?" I questioned.

"There is little chance that someone would be driving right now, it is currently snowing and-" Jorge rambled on. I ignored him and looked
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"Shouldn 't we report this?" I asked, "It will be hard to go after the suspect."

"If we do, it will take long. The longer it takes to find the suspect, the more danger the child is in." Jorge said while holding a pair of binoculars, looking for any signs of that car. I got out of the car and went to the back to get our shotgun. We had to use beanbag rounds, because lethal force was not authorized. I hoped to use it for intimidation instead of actually using it, but this suspect could be dangerous. We spent almost an hour discussing what we could do. Jorge and I decided to follow the trail.

As we began to walk down the car 's trail, I began to see some smoke. Not knowing the source of the smoke, Jorge and I sneaked to the fire. I began to see a person sitting around a campfire on a folding chair against a large truck with truck-bed cover. We did not know what the suspect 's car looked like, so we took caution greeting the person. The person was a middle aged woman wearing a large red coat; she was covering herself in a blanket. Slowly, my partner and I began to greet the woman.

"Hello ma 'am, we are part of the local police department. Have you seen anything recently?" asked Jorge in a calm voice. The woman seemed very cold, but she managed to
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