Bear Fate In Odysseus

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Odysseus was a hero of the Trojan war, Aeneas a hero of Troy and Rome, Oedipus a king who accidentally married his own mother. They were all to a certain extent ordinary people who went through harsh life changing events throughout their journey to become the heroes society thought them to be. Even though they went through many challenging obstacles created by the gods themselves at times, they all seem to always accomplish what they were set to accomplish. Almost as if it was by bear fate. Nevertheless each and every one of them were set out to do something no matter how long it took or what happened in between. I believe that these man were given a sense of false free will and were never really in control over their one destiny. They are just the Fates puppets while they mastered them as they wished. Odysseus was a man of great power who convinced Achilles to join the war when Thetis hid him disguised as a women but not only did he do this but he also sailed on a journey that made him take 10 years to come back to his beloved wife, Penelope. With the aid of the goddess Athena he sailed back to Ithaca but he infuriated Poseidon which made him have many obstacles that would lead to 10 years of wondering. In this tale we have Zeus knowing that odysseus was destined to suffer and have a difficult time going back home but nevertheless, at the end of the journey he was going to return home regardless of what happened in the journey. How he returns is up to him because
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