Bear Pascoe Research Paper

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When you start with a dream, where do you think it is going to take you? Will you grow up to be a police officer, firefighter, cowboy or doctor? To become a professional football player? That is something that only little boys dare to dream. In a little town in south Tulare County, a little boy dared to have that dream and achieve it. Bear Pascoe grew up in the small town of Ducor. As Bear was growing up, he learned the fundamentals of ranching and rodeo from his dad. Surely this would lead him in the direction of ranching once he completed school. Fate, on the other hand, had something else in mind for Bear. Throughout high school, he was recognized for athletic ability. Being a standout quarterback at Granite Hills caught the attention of Fresno State’s Athletic Department.…show more content…
Bear stated in American Cowboy about life after football. “It kind of depends on where Katie is with her singing career. She’s been a big supporter of mine and been there for me in every situation, so I will be there for her when the time comes. Eventually, I’d like to get back to California and ranching. I’d love to give rodeo a try, steer wrestling, and team roping. My father-in-law Johnny Jones is a legend and my dad steer wrestled, team roped, and roped calves as well, and has always been my hero.” So yes, little boys and girls, you can dream of being a professional football player and still become a
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