Beast Girl: A Short Story

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"Beastgirl! It 's your turn!"

A soldier grab the hands of a frail girl, a girl with wolf ears and a bushy tail, wearing nothing but tattered clothes she is being escorted in the dark hallway towards an iron gate.

"Here 's your weapon."

The girl received her weapon, a halberd made of metal, with her chained arms she hold the halberd firmly.

"I will unlock the chains."

The soldier took a key from a bag hanging on his waist and unlock the chains that binds the hands of the girl.


The soldier pushed the girl, the girl that seemed unaffected, start to slowly walk into an iron gate. Behind the iron gate, a sudden announcement can be heard.

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"Battle magic: Defense Up *cough..guess my magic is a little late."

Blood came out from her mouth.

"But, I 'm not done yet!"

With her sweet voice she claimed those words, she then ran again with bloodthirst.

"Unique magic: Blade magic 《 Blade Dance 》!!"

Ten floating swords appeared behind her emitting a white light.

"Battle magic: Speed up! Battle magic: Pierce!"

Her whole body is covered again in white light and in a flash, another Cyclops fell to the ground but the whole head this time have been removed.

"6 more left!...I 'm almost...there..."

Again in a flash, she beheaded two Cyclops in an instant, but her swords disappeared.

"My mana is almost..."

Letting out deep breath while sitting on the ground, holding her halberd pierced on the ground, she tried to stand up.
The Cyclops think that this is an opportunity, 4 of them head straight to the tired Beastgirl, their clubs swung aiming to the Beastgirl.
The Beastgirl look up to them with her red eyes.

"Unique magic: Blade magic 《 Blade Mountain 》"

A white magic circle appeared on the ground and in an instant silver blades appeared on the ground piercing the bodies of the
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