Beast Mode In Sports

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As Frederick the Great said, “Everyone has a beast within him”. May be it while playing your favorite video game, watching your favorite sports team, debating over a certain issue or fighting for your belief. For sure, everyone has entered or felt that part of consciousness where you feel like unleashing power at one time or another. In fact a term called beast mode is best describing that certain feeling. Therefore, in order to further determine and comprehend the true meaning of that term, beast mode, it is essential to first understand its origin, conditions, applications and its details.
Beast mode is defined as a state of consciousness that is best described by being in a sense of wilderness and hype; usually triggered when provoked during
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One said origin of beast mode is from the field of sports where several commentators are said to describe it as a great performance involving unstoppable actions and animal-like instincts. A perfect example is Marshawn Lynch’s stunning performance where he ran through a lot of defenders and touched down during the game between Seahawks and Saints American Football Teams in 2011 in which he was nicknamed beast mode. In the Philippines, the hype of beast mode was once again hyped up by the video of Kuya Jobert where he shown the characteristics of a person on beast mode during traffic situations. Another is the viral video showing a driver in beast mode; and due to the hype and popularity of these certain videos the usage of the term beast mode was once again commonly used and known to…show more content…
Whichever sense beast mode is used; it is understood that beast mode is related to the empowerment of actions through will and determination of one’s selves. It is the embodiment of nature and animal instincts to take one’s actions to new heights. The feeling of rage, greed, hyper, motivation, empowerment and determination are words that best describe beast mode. In fact, according to the interview made by CBS Sports to Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch a football player who is known for his beast mode performances, he described the feeling of beast mode in a sense of being unstoppable and being more motivated and determined than others (2015). While there are differences between the perspectives, definitions, origin and applications of beast mode, it is known for the fact that it is a term that entails hype, will and determination to conquer and finish their goals and adversities all
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