Beast Vs Metamorphosis Analysis

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Beauty and The Beast VS. Metamorphosis Animals in Literature & Film Dr. Eichenlaub Kelly Xiao 1/31 Compare to the death of Gregor Samsa in Kafka’s The Metamorphosis, the fairy tale like Beauty and The Beast has always have a positive and delighted ending. But the Metamorphosis has more abnormal transformation in both physical and psychological ways that beyond people’s expectation. Gregor woke up and found himself transformed into a gigantic insect in his bed. Most notably, his reaction is extremely calmer than normal people would be. As a human, Gregor accepted the hardships he faces by his family without complaint. He is a naive and decent person. He works in anonymity without uttering words to earn money for the whole family even he did not even like this “exhausting job he’ve picked on”(p89) since his dad’s failure in business. Similarly, when he first realized he had transformed into an insect, he was not disgusted by his looking and condition, he did not wonder how he turned to an insect and how to transform back to a human. In contrast, he quickly accepts the fact and still thinks like a normal person. “I’d be sacked on the spot… I’ve saved enough money to pay back my parents’ debts to him- that should take another five or six years- I’ll do it without…show more content…
After his transformation, he became even crueler and more merciless than before. Accidently, Belle’s father was chasing by the wolves and went to the beast’s castle. Her father was imprisoned by the beast. In order to rescue her father, she agreed with the beast to live with him. Somehow, Belle found a chance to escape but she ran into danger. At the critical moment, the beast injured and rescued Belle. He became moral and his humanity moved Belle deeply. She helped him to change,looked after him, and had innermost feelings on him. The beast turned back into the prince
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