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The Beastie Boys. Need I say more? When most think of the rambunctious rap group from that came straight out of the 1980’s, they think about girls, partying, crude humor and maybe some music in between. Although The Beastie Boys as a group did a few things that had never been done before in music history. Thats pretty incredible considering nobody expected something so revolutionary to come from three middle class white jewish kids from New York. Now for a little history lesson The Beastie Boys consist of Adam Horovitz, Adam Yauch and Mike Diamond Or their stage alias’s, Ad-Rock, MCA, Mike D. Three friends decided to make a band called The Beastie Boys. The band actually began playing hardcore punk and succeeding quite well at it. The band supported groups like The Dead Kennedy’s, The Misfits and Bad Brains. But as time went by their wondering ear began pulling the group towards artist like Grandmaster Flash, And The Sugar Hill Gang and they began obsessing over their music just like they did with the punk music they grew up on. Do not think for one second since The Beastie Boys started listening to hip-hop that they would ditch their punk roots of obscenity. The group released…show more content…
The two remaining Beastie boys vowed that the band will never play live or record new music without Adam Yauch. So in the end how did The Beastie Boys change hip-hop? well, first and foremost they brought white people into rap music and not just the artist they brought fans as well they proved to the world that they could rap just like any other black artist of the time. They also introduced the world to the idea of rap-rock with “Check Your Head” this album was the basis for so many huge rap rock bands to come out of the 90’s and into today. So next time you think of The Beastie Boys as the girl crazed, nasty band they first portrayed themselves as you might want to check your

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