Beastie In Lord Of The Flies Symbolism Essay

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The Darkness That Skulks Inside The Soul Each and every person holds a savagery inside them, and once unleashed everything that is known by society to be moral is cast aside, instead they rely solely on impulses of a dark intent. Something that displays this idea perfectly would be the use of symbolism in the novel The Lord of the Flies by William Golding, and in particular the symbol the “beastie”. In this book a group of young british boys crash land onto an island with no adults around to look out for them. Over the course of their time on the island, fears due to the beastie as well as a harsh environment, lack of civilization, and absolute freedom adds more chaos to an already chaotic situation. Things quickly start to fall apart on the island because of this, and eventually the once civil boys turn on each other leaving two dead and an island in flames. The beastie is a large symbol throughout the book and it can be used to showcase, as well as explain, the boy's descent into savagery. Although this brutal side is normally hidden from the world, it can be brought out when…show more content…
The beastie in the book The Lord Of The Flies is the catalyzed for the boys which causes their inner beast to take over. The boys are surrounded by fear on the unknown island and thoughts of a snake-like beastie are how they manifest those fears. The thought of a beastie adds to their terrors and the lawless situation of the island until it is all too much and the order they made crashes down. Slowly but surely the boys start to turn into monsters under the pressure of the island and all the tumult and distress it holds. The beastie shows and represents this downward spiral of the boys going from civil to savage. In every person there is something evil that hides deep inside the soul just like the boys in Golding's book it only takes fear and chaos to unleash it and that is what the beastie
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