Beastly Book Report

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There are many characters in Beastly, some antagonists, protagonists, and some both! Throughout the whole book, each character has their ups and downs. There are many problems thrown their way and they are determined to conquer them and move on. One of the main characters, Kyle, was both an antagonist and protagonist. He is in high school, and around 16 years old. He has many friends in his class, but during the book, but his friendships change dramatically. In the beginning, he was the antagonist because he was so self-centered and rude to his classmates. He was very disrespectful to his elders and thought that he could get whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted because his Dad was rich. He was then turned in to Beast and told to that…show more content…
Kyle’s dad wasn’t very caring and only really cared about himself. When Kyle was first turned into a Beast, he was scared to tell his Dad because he didn’t know how he would react. His Dad’s effect on the situation was heartbreaking because he pretty much locked his son up so other people wouldn’t have to look/deal with him. His Dad was trying to do anything to get Kyle looking back to “normal”, he traveled the world just for doctors. But every place they went couldn’t help them. When he realized that there was no doctor that could “fix” Kyle, he felt ashamed to know that his son looks like a Beast. He didn’t want to deal with that, so he sent him off to live with Magda there maid. This showed that Kyle most likely got his attitude and personality from his Dad. All in all, I think that Flinn, the author of Beastly used craft well to connect all characters and their actions. That helped us understand their personality and who they truly were. Although there were many more characters in the book, those 3 really had an impact on how the story flowed. Of course, the story wouldn’t have been how it was without them though. All the characters really had an important part in the story and with all, there ends put together, it was a great book to
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