Beate Zschaepe Research Paper

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Forty year old Beate Zschaepe, also known as the Nazi Bride, confessed to being part of the National Socialist Underground (NSU), a terrorist organization. She is the only surviving member and is being held on trial for what happened over the past seven years. The crimes the group committed include the murder of ten people, two bomb attacks, 15 bank robberies and the destruction of evidence of arson. Beate Zschaepe explained to NBC News that she did not participate in the preparations or carrying out of the crimes and she felt guilty for not being able to prevent them. She also admitted that she couldn’t break away from the group because she wasn’t strong enough and she was financially dependent on the leaders. Eventually Beate Zschaepe burned…show more content…
Both the terrorist organization and the Party committed crimes. The terrorist organization murdered people and destructed evidence just like the Party did. Winston mentions that if a person committed a thoughtcrime they were already dead because the Thought Police would figure it out and vaporize them. In his diary Winston writes, “Thoughtcrime does not entail death: thoughtcrime IS death.” What he means is it’s not a matter of IF the Thought Police find out, but WHEN they find out. In the article Beate Zschaepe explains that she wasn’t involved in preparing or carrying out the crimes, but she felt guilty because she couldn’t do anything to stop them. She would play computer games and drink four glasses of wine to distract herself. This reminded me of Julia in “1984”, she acts like a zealous Party member but her true feelings are those of resentment towards the Party. Julia’s feelings are opposite of what Party members are supposed to feel, but she works as though she believes exactly like them. Julia wears an Anti-Sex sash around her waist and participates passionately in community service and Two Minutes Hate; when Julia is not being watched she has thoughtcrimes against the Party and lets herself feel love for Winston. Both Beate Zschaepe and Julia did something they didn’t agree with, but when were by themselves they thought and did what they actually wanted, not what someone else expected of them. In the article Beate
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