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Beatnik Peach (BP): How long have you been in the beauty industry? David Sharp (DS): I am now in my 15th year of working in the industry. Beatnik Peach (BP): What is a typical day in the life of David Sharp like? David Sharp (DS): Representing Lancôme in Cape Town, whilst also being a freelance artist, I basically work all the time. If I’m shooting on set I frequently have very early call times, however other days I start from a 9am finishing at 5pm. Beatnik Peach (BP): When did you know a career in beauty was your passion? David Sharp (DS): I never imagined I would become a make-up artist as I actually started my career as a hairstylist; I only later opted for a change into retail where I worked for Lancôme - 13 years ago. It’s actually after being chosen to work on the Miss SA pageant in 2004/2005 that the artist bug bit and I’ve never looked back. Beatnik Peach (BP): What has been the biggest challenge of your career? David Sharp (DS): The biggest challenge for me is staying relevant in the industry, often in the freelance world; work slows down out of season, and having to re-create your work to keep it fresh is a challenge. Thus having a permanent position helps during those times. Beatnik Peach (BP): Your number 1 beauty secret would have to be … David Sharp (DS): Less is more, with good skin, anyone can achieve a flawless look without going to extremes. Find your 3 most loved make-up products and carry on from there. Beatnik Peach (BP): Any advice for aspiring

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