Beatrice And Benedick Analysis

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Beatrice and Benedick seem to be like the ideal couple. They both have strong characteristics, but they have much love for each other. Beatrice seems to have a strong attitude and she seems to be the type to receive what she wants. Benedick is the one who knows how to work things out with her. They are both very wise, but stubborn. They do not always want to realize things unless the other admits to it first. Their relationship is as interesting as Claudio’s and Hero’s relationship. Beatrice and Benedick would always have something rude to say about each other. Hero and Claudio once used a bit of trickery to get Beatrice and Benedick together. Then, all of a sudden they both had much love for each other. In my opinion, they both had a bit of feelings for one …show more content…

They later on start falling for each other, the beliefs they had are no longer the same. Both of them did not believe in marriage and they are now willing to spend their lives together. Beatrice and Benedick both have stubborn attitudes towards each other, but they also show their affection for one another. They are romantic towards each other. Their relationship seems to be more realistic than optimistic like Claudio’s and Hero’s relationship. They like to live in the present and not in the future, nor the past.

Benedick and Beatrice have much love for eachother. They know when to show toughness to each other in or to motivate one another. If it does not motivate them, then they shall go their separate ways. They will not hold back for each other. Beatrice has a tough attitude and if she were to ever end the relationship with Benedick, it would probably hurt her, of course,but she will move on and continue with her life. She does not seem to be the type of woman to rely on a man. Benedick would be heartbroken, and would most likely try to fix things with her, if not he would give her, her

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