Beatrice And Benedick Love

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Love is an important and dependable topic. Exploring the experiences of love in different surfaces and how it is experienced in different people. The topic of love spreads throughout the play as the central characters go through the phases of their relationships. Love is important because, it’s a natural part of life. The ups and downs in relationship between Hero and Claudio and Beatrice and Benedick as Shakespeare uses the idea of love to show us how essential trust and loyalty are in any relationship. Hero and Beatrice are about as opposite as night and day. The similarity is that both are witty and tease each other in their own way. We first see Hero’s wit in the first scene when Beatrice makes a pun implying to Benedick’s fighting…show more content…
That same commitment permitted him to overcome his unwillingness to marry and fear of being cheated, and made Beatrice swallow her pride and allow herself to become susceptible in love once more. It is this commitment, and the frequent times it is proved to us, which convinces the audience that the love between Benedick and Beatrice is a deeper love than Hero and Claudio’s .An important part of love is trust because it is the foundation. There are so many different types of love in this play. You see Benedick hates love, and he is also known for hating beauty. Beauty can’t push him into love, but maybe some more expressive personalities could move him as seen when he realizes he has fallen for Beatrice. Page 3 Love is also among friends Don Pedro is loyal to Claudio and cares for him. “My love is thine to teach, teach it but how “(1.1.285) although Don Pedro is superior in age and rank. The love between father and daughter in scene isn’t because she is a girl but his daughter. Claudio believes all bets are off when it comes to love; the romantic love replaces upon friendship. He then persuades Don Pedro into courtship Hero for himself. Hero appears to realize that in
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