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“Miss Potter” is a biographical film of Beatrix Potter – a well-known author – illustrator of children’s books – directed by Chris Noonan. It is considered that Beatrix Potter had “the very typical English life – marked by Victorian constraint and lost love” (Carpenter,2006); however, she is also the icon of woman who dared to conquer the contemporary draconian prejudices so as to find her own freedom, dream and happiness. This movie seems to concentrate on Potter’s first success and her burgeoning relationship with Norman Warne – the publisher that produced the first commercial edition of Peter Rabit. Though Warne’s elder brothers called Potter’s book “bunny book”, he still managed to sell over 50,000 copies of its, and with his encouragement,…show more content…
Lake District just appeared twice on screen, but it was in two important Beatrix’s period of time: childhood and after Norman’s death. In her childhood, we can see an ingenuous Potter roaming everywhere in this peaceful and picturesque countryside with sheet of paper on her hand. That the images of animals and experiences she had here became very first valuable resources for her work, even years later, when she grew up. The comeback of this place in film is in her days of deep sorrow after Norman’s dead, when her inspiration seemed to be gone with her lover as well. It was Lake District that gave her more confidence and strength to be able to carry on drawing and writing her stories. Moreover, she also contributed to conserve this place with her own money she earns from her works. Lake District can be considered as a crucial part in Beatrix Potter’s life.
To sum up, “Miss Potter” is a successful movie about Beatrix Potter’s life, with beautiful and touching scenes. Her life is also an inspirable song about women’s freedom, dream and happiness, at which I has been shown my admiration and
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