Beattie's Model Of Health Promotion

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What is health promoting? “a process of enabling people to increase control over the determinants of their health and in turn to improve, their health” (WHO,1986) therefore the key words her are process and that indicates that it is not a one-off or isolated event and enabling and that indicates that people do not do things to people rather we, we facilitate opportunities and interventions programs and so on that allow people to have control and agency in relation to their own health therefore in saying that health promoting represents a social process and political process and it does not just embrace strengthening the skills and capabilities of individuals and population and also means that we are changing the social and environmental and economic conditions so as to alleviate the impact on the health of the population and individual health.…show more content…
This essay will explain the two main approaches of Beattie’s (1991) model of Health Promotion. These are legislative action; these are interventions led by professionals but intended to protect communities. An example is lobbying for a ban on tobacco advertising. Personal counselling; these interventions are client led and focus on personal
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