Beauford Delaney: African-American Poet In The 19th Century

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Beauford Delaney was an African-American painter in the 19th century. He was best known for his aesthetic artwork. His artwork was magnificent and had a meaning to it. Not only was he a painter, but he was the most true loving friend to famous novelist James Baldwin. He even painted a portrait of James Baldwin called“The Portrait of James Baldwin,” . Even though he struggled with mental health and financial problems, he still is known today. Some of his works can be found in museums in Washington D.C., New York, Massachusetts, and Virginia. You can also see him in books and schools. He is very important to our African-American culture. He will be truly missed for showing his love and kindness in his paintings. Beauford Delaney got his aspiration for painting from his brother,Joseph Delaney. They would copy pictures from Sunday school cards and pictures from the Bible. As he grew older, Beauford Delaney would do jobs as cleaning tables at Vine Street Cafe and being a shoeshine boy. He also did paintings while he was still working as a shoeshine boy. The first painting that he did was a seascape painting. The painting was so unique that it caught the attraction of Lloyd Branson, who was also a painter himself. Branson agreed to give him art lessons. After school, Branson would teach Beauford to use pastels, oils, and watercolors, and he also sponsored Beauford. After art lessons, Lloyd Branson encourage Beauford Delaney to go to Massachusetts to get an art education to

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