Beautiful And Chronically Insane: Harley Quinn

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She is Beautiful, intelligent, and chronically insane. With her overly sized mallet and her signature black and red jester costume she is pretty difficult to miss. Harleen Quinzel, better known as Harley Quinn has captured many by storm. Many fictional characters have gained popularity but over time they just seem to fade away into nobodies, except Harley Quinn. This goof ball has multiple layers to her personality that keeps everyone on the edge of their seats asking what is she going to do next. Harley Quinn’s popularity comes from her unpredictable, free-spirited character and her insane attempts of catching the Joker’s affections.
What’s more interesting is her being a strong female character that can hold her own out there in Gotham, even if it can be a real pain sometimes. She is athletic, immune to deadly toxins and quick on her feet when it comes to her going toe-to-toe with villains twice her size, including Batman the most feared in the entire city. Even if Batman can break sweat out of the biggest and strongest
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It keeps her popularity sky high and her fan base either in tears or with a smile. No one ever suspected her having the background of a psychologist. With slight brain games and conversation that sounds too innocent to be like an interrogation she tried to find out what the Joker’s real secrets and past were. She fell hopelessly in love with the king of deception making the plot thicken. She because obsessed and gave up everything she worked so hard to get for a lunatic clown. Harley did everything for Mr.J, from protecting him, to even helping him escape prison on multiple occasions. What truly keeps people forever interested in her is the love and loyalty that she has for her Puddin’. Even getting pushed out of a moving car or getting physically abused will not break the attraction she has for him. She is loving, caring, but the bottom line is she is blinded by
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