Beautiful Beaches In The Philippines

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4 Must Visit Beautiful Beaches in the Philippines

There 's nothing more stunning than the Philippines, with so many islands and beaches to choose from it 's a wonder anyone ever comes back from their holiday. You could spend an eternity exploring the scenery and enjoying the activities on offer. It really is a destination that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime.
Have you been dreaming about beach holidays in the Philippines? There 's good news because we have taken a look at all of the beautiful beaches in the Philippines and narrowed it down to the best four beaches that you absolutely have to make time for during your Philippines travel.

1. Boracay, Aklan
This small island is just 300 kilometres from Manila, to the south in the Aklan province. It 's famous for its pristine waters and powedery white sandy beaches. Boracay is easily one of the biggest tourist destinations in the area with over 350 resorts. Those resorts in total feature around 2,000 rooms and the great part is if you want luxury – you will find it, but if you 're on a budget, you 'll find somewhere
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It really does have something for everyone, whether you 're interest in sunbathing all day and hitting bars and restaurants in the evening or you have plans to indulge in water sports – it 's all there. The area 's most famous beach is White Beach, and it was once known as the world 's finest beach. The island itself has been named the best in the world, too. The perfect time to visit is between November and May as monsoon season runs from June to October. There are no direct flights, though, so you 'll need to

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