Beautiful Life In Tao Yuanming's 'Peach Blossom Spring'

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Peach Blossom Spring is an ancient essay in Chinese literary. In this book,it takes the track of the Wuling fishermen as a clue to sketch a beautiful and prosperous beautiful life for us, in there, it is a paradise, there is no exploitation and oppression, all people live and work in peace and contentment, there is no war, all the people are friendly. This essay has a very clear structure. The author uses white sketching techniques to make the essay concise, while the author 's essay is very refined and clear. The overall linguistic features of the essay can be summed up as simple, natural, and a sentence can describe it:“It is meaningful although it’s words is a few.”Some Chinese Song Dynasty literati-es critic Tao Yuanming’s wording and phrasing: "In Jin Dynasty,there is no one else can write the sentences that it is concise but meaning, except Tao Yuanming. Also some literati-es critic Tao Yuanming’s prose:“Although the sentences looks very simple plain and wateriness but if you read it carefully than you will know it is quite profound and with a pregnant meaning. ”…show more content…
The vision also reflects the good wishes of people who hate war and pursue a peaceful life. Tao Yuanming pinned his longing for an ideal society with "Peach Blossom Spring", criticized the darkness society at that time, and wrote an ideal society in which there is no war, no oppression, exploitation, good social atmosphere, and people are harmonious and

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