Beautiful Places In Madagascar

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Beautiful places in Madagascar
Madagascar, one of the most splendid island found off the southeast coast on Africa. The huge island is home to several animal species, such as lemurs. It is also famous for its rainforest, beaches and reefs. One of the most visited attraction is the ‘’Avenue of Baobabs found near Antananarivo, the capital of the island. Madagascar has a variety of things to discover and have unique features that attract tourists all around the world.
Palais d’Andafravatra
The palais d’andafravatra is known in English as the Andafravatra paplace. The palace is ideally situated in the capital of Madagascar on its highest hilltop. It was the house of the ex-governor of the island of the Madagascar. He used to rule the kingdom of
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Most tourist visit the spot to see the black beauty, they are only few left. Besides the black lemur, the national reserve is also home to other species including the mouse lemur, Gray-backed sportive lemur, some endemic birds (the Madagascar pygmy king fisher), Camaleon, frogs and snakes.
Lemur’s park
The lemur’s park is also known as parc de lemuriens a Madagascar. It is a small botanical garden located near the capital city of the island. It covers around (12 acres) of land. Discovered in the year 2000 by Laurent Amouric, lemur’s park is now a well-known place. It is home to 9 species of lemur and 70endemic species of plant of the island of Madagascar. The park welcomes every visitors with guided tours, gift shops and a restaurant. It is easy to get access to and worthy of your time.
Nosy sakatia
The Nosy sakatia is ideally situated on the west coast of Nosy be. The small island has no road paths, there is only food paths. The 6.5 km long and 2 km wide island is seen as a small piece of paradise on earth. The nosy sakatia owns unspoiled flora and fauna, making it a precious stunning island. Its deserted beaches is a must visited place, there is a lot to explore about. With its spectacular coral reefs and sea water, snorkelling and diving are must activities to be

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