Beautiful Places In Mauritius: A Beautiful Place In Mauritius

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Beautiful places in Mauritius Mauritius, a small island full of splendid places to explore. It is also known as the paradise island. As described by its name Mauritius is indeed a small piece of paradise on earth. Many of its beaches are considered as the beat beaches in the world. Mauritius welcomes its visitors to visit and explore the natural beauty of the island. Must visit places in the paradise island Le morne Le morne Brabant is a stunning place located in the south of the paradise island. It has only a small amount of inhabitant and houses. The place is full of excellent hotels. The mountain of le monde is classified as a World Heritage site. The peak hides thousands of past history. Long ago slaves used to end their lives at the peak to escape from pains given by their masters. Visitors may climb the mountain, of course they should be well equipped. The view at the top of the mountain is mesmerising. You can see the sun reflecting in the turquoise sea water and the southern part of the island. Chamarel The district of Savanne has 2 stunning tourist attractions, the highest waterfall of the island and the 7 coloured earths. The 2 attractions are found in the village of chamarel, making it a worthy place to spend a day at. By climbing some stairs, you will end up at the viewing platform where you will get to see the 100 metres waterfall. The other precious natural belonging, the seven-coloured earths, is small paradise for natures lovers. The seven-coloured earth is

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