Beauty: A Personal Essay: The Definition Of Beauty

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What is beauty and how can you tell if someone is beautiful? Some might define beauty as a quality present in a thing, object or person that produces an intense pleasure to the mind, and comes from sensory manifestations. It could be defined as the splendor of form through matter. As such, some qualities that have traditionally been granted to the beautiful are harmony, proportion, symmetry, and perfection, as well as the ability to please the eye and the ear, and to capture the spirit. Thus, not necessarily two men will evaluate beauty in the same way. Until a few decades ago, the concept of physical beauty was different from one culture to another; however, with globalization and access to the mass media, the beauty of the human being has been standardized, encasing it in a thin, toned body, a face of harmonious proportions, a certain way of dressing, putting on makeup or to act and sometimes a position of power of any kind. In this sense, one of the characteristics of beauty is that it is experienced through the senses, mainly sight and hearing. As such, beauty is a subjective experience, which can vary not only from one individual to another but between cultures and eras.

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Healthy life strategies that include a balanced diet, the regular practice of a physical activity, the care of the skin, hair, and nails, and above all attitude, attitude, are sufficient in most cases to achieve a pleasant appearance and reach the ideal of beauty. The concept of beauty is something subjective and abstract that has always been influenced by fashions, beliefs or trends. It is also an aesthetic value that the human being contributes to everything around him based on what he perceives through his senses, classifying it as something harmonious or pleasant, or quite the

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