Ode On A Grayson Perry Urn Analysis

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Ode on a Grayson Perry Urn is about the fleeting beauty of being young and free, living in the moment, feeling as if life were a force of nature, crashing and burning bright through all it’s stages. Turnbull speaks of truth being all negotiable an beauty being in the gift of the beholder, this is both the curse and the cherished gift of the young. Their truths are not yet true nor told and beauty can be gifted among each other. The beauty in culture is found in the recklessness of the young too young to quite appreciate the peril they are in. Young gets to be young for a moment, not pain themselves with constant thought of death and failure. In contrast Galipoli is about much simpler form of beauty. The dazzling sheds and stalls from Bilingsgate, glittering with scaling knives and fish, the lush and luxurious in the simple mans life. The cultural grace of chimney stacks as tall as those in Sheffield, Carson is talking about the modest things in everyday life that get looked over by the arrogance of the eye and its beholder, making life ever more alluring. Galipoli is not a poem about beauty, Ode on a Grayson Perry Urn is, even if the beauty might be of the grotesque sort.…show more content…
The destruction of culture in Galipoli it seems to be in the detail yet again, as purity and balance begin to fade, take an Irish landlords ruinous estate as well as linguine-twists of souks and smells of rotten meet, and the life of the everyday man begins to crumble at his feet. Ode on a Grayson Perry Urn teaches large lessons of life, while the ones when should actually focus on are the ones thought in
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