Beauty And Temptation In Beowulf

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From the moment we step out of our bed, and on the very moment we opened our eyes, temptations had always been there, roaring like a lion and seeking for its prey. It’s the thing that we can’t run for, for it needs to be met, sometimes it’s the thing that we want, our deepest desire, the thing that we longed for, and wish to have, by hook or by crook. For temptation seduce, like a lovely maiden with a golden hair, how can one resist?
The story of Beowulf simply implies the failure of the man with his struggle against temptation. The temptation of women, fame, wealth, honor, and greatness. From the time of King Hrothgar up to the time of Beowulf, it is still the same lure the devil used, yet, like a mice falling into the same trap, both of them willingly swam into the sea of the fiend’s
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It is true that Beowulf is strong, a fair person, a hero, a monsters slayer, the strongest of them all, but the story also reminds us that Beowulf is still a man, who is then basically, made to be attracted to a woman and fulfillment of his pride.
In the story of Beowulf, I had cited 2 instances were Beowulf failed to overcome his test that causes him to his dreadful end, which is synonymous to what we usually fail to surpass too. First is when he went into the devil’s cave to kill the mother. His purpose there is to kill the devil, but then it turned out that because the devil transformed into a beautiful maiden, he forgot everything and fall into the witches’ enchantment, he failed to overcome the bewitchment of the lady, after hearing all the promises and the greatness he may get, he seemed to be a different person for he easily falls in the temptation. This is the same irony, we, mere mortals used to be, with just a piece of gold, we tend to forget our real purpose, what we are here for, and even forgetting what is good and bad. We might get what we want for the meantime, we might be on
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