Beauty And The Beauty Myth

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Within the economy of beauty, women are judged by their appearance depending on “standards of near perfection,” expect women to have flawless face and figure; yet, at the same time, the standard of beauty varies, and “looking right remains open to interpretation” (Wolf). Therefore, I propose that the utmost purpose of beauty myth is gender discrimination, preventing women from rising in power.
Cosmetic surgery, beauty pornography and beauty sadomasochism reinforce and perpetuate the beauty myth, compelling women to accept the beauty myth as social norms, thus gradually undermining female power and implicitly discriminating women.
Cosmetic surgery attracts women by making them feel ugly, a similar method used by doctors in hospitals: To gain profits from the patients, doctors tend to make people feel they are sick or having some potential health issues. Similarly, doctors in cosmetic surgery industry have “a direct interest in a social role for women that require them to be sick,” thus encouraging women to improve their appearance by having plastic surgery (Ehrenreich).
Cosmetic surgery makes women more vulnerable: it is difficult to get accurate or objective information about the risks of cosmetic surgery (Karmi); therefore, women are kept unaware of the negative consequences yet only know that it can restore youth and beauty, resulting in a sheer fantasy of cosmetic surgery and facilitating the development of cosmetic surgery industry which becomes “the fastest growing
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