Beauty Cosmetics Advertisement Analysis

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Advertising is not just about the objects appearance but about personal appearances; how we look to others, how we think of ourselves. Advertisers know that the critical issue is ‘’what will it do for me?’’ We seldom tire of ourselves, not when we can find constant renewal through the purchase of new products. Advertising is then about creating a relationship between subjects and objects. (1)
I chose a beauty cosmetics advertisement to base my presentation on. The advert I chose was ‘’ Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation’’ (2)
In this short advert we see a woman with amazing flawless skin with not a blemish, spot or wrinkle in sight, the camera gives us a close up view of her flawless face while she glares at us in several seductive
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In the end it is an advertisement with the aim of selling a product not to show us real life situations.
Feminists have been much concerned about the importance of appearances, particularly within womans lives. Many feminist writers have argued that how a woman looks largely determines how other people react to her. Considerable empirical evidence supports the view that women are judged by their beauty. When a man asks, ‘’What is she like?’’ what he usually means is ‘’ What does she look like?’’ (1)

Beautiful people, men and women, are an especially favoured race. According to psychologist Elaine Hatfield, ‘’most people assume that good-looking men and women have nearly all the positive traits’’ Parents shower affection on them as children, teachers respond more to them, and they end up with higher- paying jobs. The old belief that woman use beauty to marry up has considerable empirical support. (6) In face the only area in which beauty does not seem a great blessing for women is when they try to challenge men on their own scared ground, the boardroom.

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