Beauty Essay: The Beauty Of Beauty Around The World

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Beauty is one of the most fascinating topics around the world and one of the most engaging objects of human affairs. Every individual wants to look beautiful and the feeling of being beautiful lies in different aspects of minds of individuals. With the passage of time, we have established the standards of beauty and these standards vary around the world. There are different attributes of beauty such as, symmetry ratio of physical features, level of estrogen or testosterone, cleanliness and hygiene, Scent Conscious decisions, Cleanliness and hygiene etc.

Among these physical fitness is the most alluring topic. Now a day, thin and smart physical features have become an ideal around the world. Fat people are considered unhealthy and are looked down by the people. The ratio of woman compared to man is higher that are conscious
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Often, use of junk food is the reason behind the fats and you should realize that it can affect your health. It is a time to overcome your complex to get back the confidence and self-esteem.

Accept Yourself
Accepting yourself is the first step that you have to start working from right now. You have to admit that you are not perfect but you are not alone, there are many in this world. So you are fool if you are torturing yourself for it, it does not make sense for anyone to do it. It is not a sin or taboo, important thing for you must be, to be a good person, complete and with an interesting mind.

Focus On Your Virtues
Remember that there are many people who are going through the same situation. Now it’s up to you that you must remember what your virtues are that make you stand out. The problem is that, you can’t remember your virtues also you can’t focus on the bad or defect in yourself. It is the time you have to change your internal speech and to focus on the things that can differentiate you from others.

Increase Your
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