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What is Beauty? Many people say that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, however in today’s world, beauty resides in the eye of society. Ask yourself, what generates your perception of beauty? If you identify as one of millions of people who believe beauty only applies to the seemingly flawless girls on the front cover of a magazine or the “stick thin” women who walk the runway, you thought wrong. The media uses this idea of “beauty” to persuade what women and society should aspire to look like. As imperfect humans, we live our lives surrounded by advertisements for makeup, plastic surgery, and diet plans, all encouraging us to reach an impossible and unrealistic beauty standard. Magazines, movies, and commercials, among other sources,…show more content…
For example, beauty pageants are one of the most degrading forms. If a woman does not meet a certain standard of beauty, then she is seen as less important than others. Beauty pageants encourage people to rate women based on unrealistic standards, which is what we should encourage our corrupted society not to do. If a person is considered beautiful or possesses the qualities that the public eye claims beautiful, they tend to have a certain degree of power as opposed to others, all because society has led us to believe that “beauty” reigns over personality, education, attitude, effort, or any inner qualities of a…show more content…
Real beauty is on the inside which is more important than one’s outward appearance; sadly, most refuse to accept this idea. Inner beauty is something we need start relying on as opposed to outward appearance, because, as we age, it becomes the only thing left of us. As time takes its toll, no amount of age defying products or surgeries can fully keep us from the appearance altering changes we naturally undergo from aging. At one point, you may have been considered as the ideal form of “beauty,” but as time goes by toll appearances change, and the only thing that forever remains the same is what’s on the inside. This is why society as a whole needs to learn to promote inner beauty as opposed to outward

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