Beauty In American Society

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Beauty in American Society Within American society its citizens have created socially acceptable standards. What is acceptable to wear to work, what is appropriate to wear out in public, what piercings are non-demeaning or not, what places tattoos should be and whether people should have any at all are some of the various standards society has in place. Society has set standards on everything we do in life but is that right? What is considered beautiful or aesthetically pleasing plays a huge factor in these ‘standards’. The concept of beauty is not distinguishable between physically appealing characteristics due to society’s misconstrued standards and the value of what’s inside a person. What American citizens think is socially acceptable…show more content…
Also within the fashion world women feel the effects of the “cult-like worship” in terms of what physically attributes as ‘beautiful’, “It also peeks into the industry, including its relation to celebrity, plastic surgery, the faux-perfection of airbrushing of advertising and even child beauty pageants,” according to Alene Dawson from CNN. The sensation of feeling beautiful is all dependent in the person however things such as mass media, industry, and social effects can play a huge part on someone’s own personal sense of beauty. Due to mass media, industry, and social effects women can feel insecure and may want to change themselves based on what they think is beautiful. This overwhelmingly small and narrow standard of beauty derives from having the following: fair skin, blue eyes, blonde long hair, and most importantly is thin. America has changed to some extent from this ideal but however women all over the world feel pressured to some extent to fit into society’s vision in what women are supposed to look like which leads to them getting…show more content…
According to the team at career intelligence they give in insight on women’s status in the workplace, “A seminal study conducted by NYU sociologist Dalton Conley and NYU graduate Rebecca Glauber found that women’s weight gain results in a decrease in both their income level and job prestige. By contrast men experience no such negative effects.” There is a double standard held against women in comparison to men. In the work place it matters significantly because it leads to women often having to prove their worth in comparison to men. Women’s physical appearance does play a factor at the work place but however their actual determination and dedication to the job plays even a bigger factor. A women’s sense of beauty is not bound by what rich corporate men think a women’s physical appearance should look like. There is a strong difference of looking professional to work and having a sense of beauty for one’s self. Women can look professional to work but still be seen as ‘ugly’ because they are obese but the amount someone weighs does not determine if someone is beautiful or not it is the feeling of acceptance and self-worth a person feels inside their self. According to Chloe DePiano from Odyssey she explains the value of personality, “We can all think of a person whom we love so dearly for their amazing personality rather for their
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