Beauty In Brenna Yovanoff's Half Broke Horses

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Exceptionally beautiful, innocent, or kind. Angelic is the word. In the book Half Broke Horses the author Jeannette Walls states, “Nobodys perfect were all just one step up from the beasts and one step down from the angels”. We are human, we are not beasts nor angels we are in between. We have flaws, we are not perfect but that does not take away from our self being. Angelic describes the beauty within angels and humans.
Angelic describes angels and the beauty within. In the book The Space Between the author Brenna Yovanoff mentions, “The treachery of demons is nothing compared to the betrayal of an angel”. The sad thing about it is, Yovanoff is right. People expect the worst from devils, and when they live up to the expectations life goes on. People expect the absolute best from angels, and when they do not live up to the expectations, it is a war. When people use angelic to describe outside beauty, they are not wrong. Angelic does describe outside beauty, but there is also a different kind of beauty within the word, what I believe to
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All human make mistakes and regardless of the mistake all human have a chance to strive and become angelic. We are not angels nor beasts. The word angelic describes inside and outside beauty of human. People can be attractive on the outside but not on the inside, and vice versa. Beauty is way more than just looks, it is personality and loyalty within the person. People who are kind and honorable tend to be the most beautiful on the inside. For human, there is no perfection. People try to be better everyday, but they are still not even close to perfection. On the other hand, there are angelic human. Angelic human are the people willing to strive for greatness, willing to be a better person everyday, they will never be perfect, but they are and will be angelic. I believe we all should strive to be angelic human. The beauty within the word angelic describes

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