Beauty In Korean Culture

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"Korean culture is becoming more and more popular, gaining more and more admirers. Now Korean actors and actresses enjoy an enviable popularity, and many Hollywood celebrities can jealous of their success. An example of this - actress Lee Chae Rin is considered one of the most beautiful celebrities in Korea, many women are copying her style, hair and makeup. We have chosen 7 Korean artists, known not only for a talent, but also for an attractive appearance, and want to present the secrets of their beauty." "Beauty secrets from Kim Tae Hee The star of films in the genre of drama ""Stairway to heaven"", ""Forbidden love"" and ""Iris the movie"" is considered to be an ""absolutely wonderful"" in Korea . Kim admits that she tries not to touch the face in order to maintain the beauty of the skin. Since the actress constantly stands in front of the cameras, her skin requires special care. When she washes, it shakes the water without touching the skin. This helps to prevent wrinkles. If she has seen the skin redness, she immediately goes to a dermatologist. Every evening, before going to bed, the actress applies a lot of moisturizer cream on her face or use night face masks." "Beauty tips from Song Hye Ge Actress Song Hye Ge, which is known for his role in the series ""Autumn in My Heart"", is one of the most beautiful women in Korea. In his 33 years, she looks like a young lady, and not hiding from the enthusiastic fans of the secrets of her beauty. The main secret of actress
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