Beauty In The Elizabethan Era Essay

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Beauty is tormenting, it is a poison that runs extensively than just physical discomfort , it corrupts the mind, the heart, and the soul. Not everything that is appealing to the eye is good. Currently, the women of this time are judged so much about their appearance, but people do not realize what women have to do to meet other people’s standards. The women of the Elizabethan era were only considered prettier if they had the whitest skin and the reddest cheeks. Not only did the women do this, but also the men. Today’s beauty standard are the complete opposite of the Elizabethan Era. Why has the appearance of women/men and their cosmetics transfigured so much over time?

The cosmetics that were provided in the Elizabethan era days were
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Although those who worked outside all day had a darker complexion (such as the lower class), these women wanted to show higher class, so by that they used face paint that made them white. At this time sunscreen was not created, so this is how they chose to show fair skin as a symbol of them not working like the other women of that time (Alchin1). Women that worked all day could not pay the expenses for the makeup they used, such as lead, and mercury were expensive, only the people of higher authority wore the makeup, this is what set them aside.

Although the Elizabethan era people chose this action they needed something safer and not as harmful on the face. Using this mixture that was used had side effects. This contributed to skin turning grey. The mercury that was also used caused the skin to remove from their face. Although they had remidies to cure, even though the higher class may have seen the effects it had on those who used it, but it still continued to be used. More mixtures and remedies to help with the complications that the lead, mercury, etc. had caused, but the makeup already did danger internally that it could not be
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