Theme Of Beauty In Burke's On The Sublime

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The Beauty of both Romantic Era and Victorian Era The writer Burke describes beauty as “qualities in bodies” which I learn that our bodies gives a sense of joy and pleasure for one another. It is that pleasure and joy we seek are the desires or lust that becomes a “tempestuous passion” (Burke, On the Sublime and Beautiful). Beauty is not just defined as just materialistic, but as the way each connected with creation of once life. Beauty is anything that thrives individual feelings of affection towards which they seeming as beautiful. The affectionate feeling is what he later describes as “love”. However, Elizabeth describes beauty through her love for her significant other. “I love thee to the depth and breadth and height”…show more content…
If a woman were to look upon a woman, they would only see their beauty through fashion and the way she takes care of herself through her values and standards. Male will not fully understand a woman’s worth, but will pursue their intimacy reasons which are having great passion of love focused on their desires to have sex. Elizabeth, “I love thee with the breath, Smiles, tears, of all my life;” which that her love is present in every breath that she takes. This means she loves to love. Her love comes from all her smiles and tears, this shows that she loves her soul mate through both good and trying times. Beauty is reflected in what a women’s worth, both their past and present. I chose these two different insights from both writers as a relation to our days. Both writers define something beautiful when they feel very passionate or love towards something or someone and doesn’t matter how it may appear to another person. People can automatically refer to beauty as fitness and utility. Fat is ugly and skinny with fair skin is beautiful. People buy pricey items or any accessory goods that they desire to cover their true self to them is beautiful. Beauty describes by both writer isn’t perfect or imperfect, but what an individual feel about themselves and towards
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