Dove Persuasive Essay

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Throughout the years society has made most women feel the need to be perfectly beautiful just like the women we see on television and magazines. Most women are skinny, tall, perfect skin tone, flawless looking face, toned body, firm breast and thighs, long Lucius hair and perfect straight white teeth. As a result of the pressure to attain such level of perfection women spend thousands of dollars a year on beauty products to reach the image that is being portrayed on most visual media. One of the pioneers in women’s beauty is Dove. Dove Company has launched a new advertising campaign trying to reduce the anxiety caused by the pressure of everyday beauty and health products marketing, by making sure women of all sizes, all ethnic backgrounds…show more content…
Ironically, this particular ad is advertising tanning lotion for every woman, is telling us to have the perfect skin, “Good for your skin. Great for your look” no matter the age, ethic background, weight or height, Dove is still telling women to focus on the perfect skin with out making it seem at first glance that being perfect is not important and that is okay and normal to have flaws, however by their slogan they are transmitting the same message as every one else in the beauty industry
Which is “look good” get rid of the imperfections and achieve the image that you always wanted.
The women depicted on the add may appear to be average looking models when in fact they are far better looking then the average middle age woman I encounter and interact with in a daily basis. Their features are far from the average body frame, skin tone body mass index and appearance of heath of the average women their age. Their radiant smiles with perfect glistening white teeth contrasting their shimmering tan. That body frame and image is rarely encountered in middle age women. Most average middle age women have extra girth in heir abdomen from childbirth and decades of raising their children. The women above look like they take care of their bodies with daily exercise regiments and nutritious diets that support their middle age
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