Beauty Influences For Fashion

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Sport is another great source of inspiration for fashion and many athletes lending their image to advertising clothes and footwear whose brands are well associated with the novelty and sporting success (Boyland et al., 2013). The main effect on young people can be viewed when many young people want to imitate the personal appearance of a celebrity and are willing to spend money to improve their appearance and feel accepted or desired, so that looking like they get the most out of their personality. Young customers buy their hairstyle, makeup and style. This general concern about the appearance has created a cosmetics industry whose brands are represented by a famous face that creates aesthetic trends. For instance, hairstyles by David Beckham have influenced thousands of young people, imitate him as success that such changes are not expensive, and customise the image (Wei and Lu, 2013). Celebrity endorsement also leads to get influence the standards of masculinity and femininity. Jane Fonda has been instrumental in transforming the ideal of feminine beauty delicate and passive in a very different agile and athletic woman. It has sold 4 million videos that teach women to lead a healthy diet and burn calories rationally. This aspect has got young female influencers since celebrities have a great impact on teens and for that reason, they try their best to imitate them and also to shape their body like them. This aspect goes for both young boys and girls (Wei and Lu, 2013).

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