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The bridal makeup look for Indian women also makes for a perfect look for formal events.
When you think of Indian bridal makeup looks, you usually see dark, bold smoky eyes with lots of liner paired with bright lips. This is the traditional way of wearing makeup for Indian women who are about to get married, as it matches the brightly colored (often red) saree or lehenga and festive decorations during the wedding.
Now there are many women from India or are of Indian descent that prefer a more western-style wedding. This usually entails a white wedding gown for the bride and simpler décor for the wedding venue. This of course goes with more minimalist makeup with neutral eyes, a hint of blush, and some nude or “your lips but better” lipstick.
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Then brush through your brows using a brow mascara so the hairs stay in place.
Contouring, Highlighting, and Blush
Even if you don’t do contouring on a regular basis, it’s still a good idea to do a little light contouring to give some color and dimension to the face, especially if you’ll be under lots of bright lights. To contour, use a small cheek brush and use it to pick up a matte contour powder. We suggest a color that’s slightly on the cool-toned side and about 2-3 shades darker than your natural skin tone. Sweep it under your cheekbones from the top of your ear to about halfway to the outer corner of your lips, then blend it well.
For your blush, pick one that looks natural on you or at least looks closest to the color of your cheeks when you blush naturally. If you have a warmer skin tone, peach blushes are ideal. If you have a warmer skin tone, pink blushes would suit you. As for the placement, that depends entirely on your face shape. If you have a round face shape, apply it onto your cheeks in a C-shape just above your contour powder and up towards your temples. If you have a slimmer face shape, apply it onto the apples of your cheeks and blend it upwards towards the
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The age-old traditional Indian bride usually wears red lipstick because it’s considered to be very feminine. And since red is very regal and festive, and it goes well with the gold jewelry Indian brides traditionally wear, it’s still a popular choice among modern Indian brides.
Keep in mind that there are tons of red lipstick shades out there, and there’s definitely one that suits your coloring the best. If you have lighter skin, you can have your pick of the many bright red lipsticks available. However, make sure you take note of your undertone. Since most Indian women tend to have a warm undertone, a lipstick that veers towards the slightly warmer, more orangey shade range would be best. If you have a deeper skin tone, oxblood red, brick red, wine, and burgundy shades would look phenomenal on you.
To apply the lipstick, we need to apply it in layers so it lasts longer. To start, make sure your lips have been exfoliated, and apply a thin layer of lip balm. Massage this into your lips and gently dab off the excess with a tissue. Next, use a lip brush and dip into the lipstick. Apply just a small amount and really massage it into your lips to create a stain. Once done, apply another layer and massage it in. Then apply your lipstick straight from the bullet, and blot off the excess onto a

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