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Appearance and beauty have always been a major aspect of women’s lives and images of ideal beauty surround us daily. Women are constantly being reminded of what is considered beautiful. It is impossible to ignore the stick thin supermodels on billboards, TV, and in magazines. It is easy to get wrapped up in these standards and forget how women beauty standards have not always been this way. Perceptions surrounding women’s beauty have greatly evolved over time. Women of the Renaissance did not concern themselves with weight, but were particular with their hair and complexion. In those days being full was considered beautiful. They had more flesh and thicker arms and legs. They sought a high hairline because a wide and high forehead was a trait of beauty (The Makeup Artist). Many women who were not born with a high forehead plucked hairs from their hairline with tweezers to get the…show more content…
Eyebrows remained light and thin so they were often tweezed or cut and eyelashes were short. The ideal woman had blonde hair. This forced women with darker hair to come up with a way to lighten the hair. Many chemicals and products were often used to dye the hair and get this effect. “Saffron and onion skin dyes, as well as elements like alum, sulfur and soda, were commonly used.” Most of these products did not work alone and were not perfect. They required hours in the hot sun as a heating mechanism and sometimes unusual shades of hair were produced. This process also damaged the hair. Sometimes women hid their hairlines and darker hair under caps. Under the cap, most of the hair was pulled back tight against the skin and braided. Those who were happy with their hair color, whether it was dyed or naturally blonde, decorated their hair with jewels, pearls, ribbons, hair combs and even shimmering veils atop their hats (Kuchinsky). Having pale skin and a long neck was also the epitome of beauty. Pale skin represented wealth. It was a sign that the

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