Beauty Of Black Women Essay

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If every black woman in American had the same amount of self-esteem when it comes to her hair, the world would be a fantastic place. We have been deemed second best in society since the beginning of time since slavery. For years African American women have been expressively told by a mainstream society that they are not equal to their white counterpart. If we were to look at the situation from a rational point of view instead of an emotional one, then more Black women would be able to see that comparing yourself to the standards of mainstream beauty–White beauty, is the most nonsensical and debilitating act that any Black Woman could do to herself. With that being said, for myself and many other black women hair is a big aspect and almost essential…show more content…
Hair back then if to kinky was deemed to be ugly and unruly and eventually became a source of shame. Nothing much since then until today has changed when it comes to the black hair movement, the kinks and the natural curls are seem to be less desirable than the relaxed bone straight hair you seen when flipping through a magazine. Both the mainstream and black community see African American women with long weaves and silky perms. Yet, we read about black women being barred from aircrafts or being deprived of employment opportunities because of their natural locks. As Paul Mooney stated, “ If your hair is relaxed, white people are relaxed, if your hair is nappy then they’re not happy” The divulging of the African American beauty is at a all time high, hair in the African American community has always been political tactic to establish more European features, especially when it comes to maintaining long silky hair and also keeping that mainstream status quo. Therefore the more you try to a heed to the mainstream image, the more you align and condone politically and socially the status
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