The Beauty Of Chinese Poem Analysis

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The Beauty of Chinese Poem ---Taking Dian Jiangchun as an example
Although I am an English major student, I also like ancient Chinese poem very much. I like the beauty of its rhythm, rhetoric and culture. So I want to share some feelings of mine about ancient Chinese poem. Here I take the poem, Dian Jiangchun, of my favorite poet, Li Qingzhao, as an example. Original Chinese version:
蹴罢秋千,起来慵整纤纤手。露浓花瘦,薄汗轻衣透。 见客入来,袜刬金钗溜。和羞走,倚门回首,却把青梅嗅。

1. The author.
In the history of Chinese literature, there is an excellent poetess, li Qingzhao. She lived in Song dynasty. She was born in a literary family, so she was great in writing poem when she was young. Then she got married with her husband, Zhao Mingcheng. Both of them were good at poem. They often commented poem together. During this period, she lived a
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The definition of rhythm is that the sameness of sound between words and syllables, especially the ending of lines of verse. In this poem, almost every final word of a line with the rhythm of 'ou ' or 'iu '. It Constitute a harmonious beauty of music. In fact, the rhythm is not only for a good sound, but also is functional. For example, when you read this poem you can know the lively mood of the girl though the rhythm.
(2) The beauty of
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The most important 11 kinds include simile, metonymy, hyperbole, personification, comparison, antithesis, parallelism, repeat, irony, rhetorical question, rhetoric question. In this poem the poet use simile. She writes the dedication of the flowers to metaphorize the dedication of the girl. There are 41 words in this poem. Although no words mention the happiness of this girl directly, we can feel the happiness and coziness of her life in this poem. This kind of rhetoric names combining emotion with scenery. In this kind of rhetoric, the author only describes the scene, but readers can feel the emotion of the author through the

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