Beauty Of Feminine Beauty

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The shifting look of the ideal female body

Weight and body shape are often contemplated a judging factor in terms of beauty. Nonetheless, what is considered a beautiful weight has fluctuated radically over the evolution of history. In the 14th and 15th centuries, full-bodied women were considered exceptionally beautiful (Bonafini and Pozzilli, 2010). This is very clear from paintings from the era. A curvy figure, almost verging on overweight, was worshiped. By the 1920’s, thin was back in - to an extreme level. Women compressed their breasts with tight cloths to pretend they had boyish figures. Ever since that moment thin stayed huge and took over the fashion world. But for how much longer?

Beauty is surely a fluid concept. It doesn’t really have a concrete classification, mostly due to the fact that beauty is often subjective, constantly shifting and culturally relative. The fashion world’s ideal of feminine beauty is shifting the ultra thin image and fusing it with fitness. Thin= beautiful is being replaced by strong = beautiful (Nasser, 2007). As women reach equality with men they are also mimicking men’s angularity and sounder build. Girls used to say’ I don’t want ugly muscles’ whereas now they start saying ‘ I’m ugly because I have no muscles.’

The mainstream magazines are also in a state of transition, as its leading negotiators have begun to feature models that look – however slightly – more rounded and well nourished. Right now, the buying public is ahead of the
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