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As much as we knew her for her humanity, kindness and the disgrace that bounded her matrimony, The Princess of Wales, Diana, was also recognized for her absolute sense of style that influenced a whole generation of women all around the world. While being a shy and flushing kindergarten teacher during the early days of her fame, and spending afternoons at the polo, to figure-skimming outfits made by Versace and Catherine Walker, we evoke the style of a true fashion icon in 1980’s.
In the year 1997 the influential and dominant fashion photographer Mario Testino shot a series of influential images of Princess Diana wearing Gianni Versace for Vanity Fair magazine. These photographs have come to outline the look and allure of a woman who
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Many brides must have loved it at the time because the style became tenderly known as a “Meringue dress”.
In May 1981, after marriage they went to Scotland to spend their honeymoon and the journalists have found her wearing a brightly patterned jumper with corduroy trousers and wellington boots while photographers have captured her wearing a matching tweed skirt suit.
Early Years of marriage:
In the early years of her marriage, Princess Diana was also known to be a cause of some fashion embarrassment for the royal family. So they arranged lessons for her from Vogue to come over and teach her some fashion sense. As a result of her passionate learning, she took all what she desired. She wore her own, peculiar fashion and allowed people to follow her as well. She quickly became an innovator. Mainly what made her fashion so different was that she didn’t exactly follow any trend.
After Marriage life:
Throughout her momentary life, Princess Diana has supported many British designers namely Arabella Pollen, Bruce Oldfield, Amanda Wakeley and Catherine Walker and also international designers of her choice including Versace, Christian Lacroix, Ungaro and

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