Child Beauty Pageants Research Paper

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Did you know that 80% of, 10-year olds are on diets according to Sana Hassan writer of The Psychological Effects of Child Beauty Pageants. Beauty pageants should be banned because they are exploiting and showcasing little girls for sexual predators, and exposing girls to the keeping a fake image to be liked, loved, or keeping social status. They pose many significant impacts to a child’s mental and even physical health. The story of JonBenet Ramsey is a very tragic story. A story of exposing little girls to sexual predators. JonBenet, 6 years old was a Little Miss Christmas beauty pageant winner and was becoming well known around her small hometown of Boulder, Colorado. It was up until her mother, Patricia (Patsy) Ramsey, found a…show more content…
For example, a lot of the beauty pageants now a days are corrupted by money, greed and popularity. Sana Hassan author of The Psychological Effects of Beauty Pageants on Children, “Gone are the days when innocence and missing teeth were considered cute. Kids in child beauty pageant competitions am to look attractive and are sexualized, even as toddlers. They wear revealing outfits, flippers (fake teeth for kids who are missing front teeth), and heavy make-up. Girls in these competitions are sexualized so early on in their lives. Children who take part in these competitions are brought up putting a huge deal of focus on outer appearances, which can cause substantial emotional and psychological damage. Children learn their values while they are young, and beauty pageant participants grow up thinking that a woman 's worth comes in part by how attractive they are. Girls in the competitions, and even girls who watch these pageants on TV, are learning that they need to look a certain way to look attractive.” As these children grow up, they are going to strongly fail at relationship, as normally people have been men 22% have cheated on their spouse if these girls grow up to be “perfect”. They are going to take it extremely hard if a man cheats on them. They are going to think that they aren’t perfect, that everything they know is a lie. 6% of children who participate in beauty pageants have suffered from depression. Clearly there is something wrong, these children shouldn’t be suffering from depression, these are 16-year old’s and younger. Young enough to have nothing to be depressed about. “ According to a study conducted by Anna Wonderlich, it has been determined that there is a significant association between childhood beauty pageant participation and
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