Beauty Pageants: Not Good For Women

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Beauty Pageants; Not Good for Women

A stage full of dolled-up or Barbie-like with their fabulous gowns or dresses, or swimsuits being worn, walk that stage flashing a million dollar smile on their faces with all the poise and projection, judges eyeing them, an audience applauding and with their parents cheering for them at the corner. That would be a typical beauty pageant scene. Basically, beauty pageant is an assemblage of women at which judges select the most beautiful. Beauty pageants are mainly divided into categories such as the talent portion, the modeling portion, and the personal interview or the question and answer portion. Beauty pageants winners are so-called Beauty queens and awards for this beauty contest include titles, tiaras
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Although some people say that beauty pageants are not necessarily a bad thing, knowing that just like about everything else-there are the good and bad aspects. And to realize the big picture behind every thought, we have to examine both. Let us start with what all that is good about these beauty pageants. First, they say that beauty pageants promote self-esteem and can be an instant confidence builder for a woman. It is beneficial to woman’s self-esteem in a way that it helps the women to step out of their comfort zone and overcome their shyness. This gives the women the confidence she needs to showcase her talents and as well as her communication or public speaking abilities. The second one has something to do with friendly…show more content…
Just look at the growing number of school girls as young as 8 who wear padded bras, high heels, or makeup and strike suggestive poses. Children because of beauty pageants are adultified, sexualized and judged by an adult defined, narrow beauty ideal. They are deprived of their childhood and make them eager to grow up. They get to wear sexual outfits and act inappropriately for their age. These young girls with every pageant also have to wear pounds of makeup, false lashes, have the hair on their skins waxed, wear high heels, which basically, are not designed for small feet; some also have to wear fake hair and even fake teeth. Shockingly, one mother even injects her eight year old child Botox from time to time all in the name of beauty pageants.
Pageants are too focused on the exterior and pose a risk at leaving a lot of women with lower self-esteem in the later stages, especially since the competitions are focused on being prettier in comparison to the other contestant which is something girls and women already struggle enough with, growing up in a society that tells women they need to be beautiful to be loved, wanted or

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