Toddlers And Tiaras Essay

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Beauty pageants are held in many countries around the world, where girls go to show off their costumes, talent and of course their beauty. The media has exalted beauty pageants on television with shows like toddlers and tiaras. Children should not be in an environment that affect them negatively at a young age. Some people might think that these pageants develop a child’s confidence; however, everything has a positive and a negative impact, which in this case the negative wins! A girl at the age of 6 maybe 8 that should be spending time in playing with her friends, getting dirt and sand all over herself, is spending time in salons! Malls! Taking lessons on how to act like a grown up! This is absolutely not the kind of memory we want our…show more content…
There is no purpose of making a child do things that does not suit his or her age just to fit some rules. Children’s beauty pageants organizers may think that the little children are innocent from those thoughts adult has, however there was a girl who dressed as the Julia Roberts Pretty Woman character where she thought that she was just playing dress-up, but many adults found the whole act to be improper for a 3-year-old. If an adult sees a child doing improper things that might change the way a person thinks of a child, for example there are many mentally ill people who love children in a wrong way and by showing off the children people makes it easier to those people to do the dirty thoughts they have. I can add here more

To conclude, children’s beauty pageants take a way what a grown up values the most, their childhood. We hear many grown-ups saying that they want to go back little, because they didn’t have any responsibilities back then, they were happy playing around in the dirt doing absolutely nothing , but what about those who participated? They hate their childhood, they never want to even remember what happened back then. Their childhood has been stolen and want get it back no matter how hard they
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