Beauty Pageants Should Be Banned Essay

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When we were young, teachers always reminded us internal values of caring for others and a love of learning are far more important than the external values. However, this belief seems to be challenged by the parents nowadays when the times pass by. More and more children are forced to join the beauty pageants, especially in the US. Many concerns arise owing to this issue. The public is raising questions about whether it is good for children to think of how good they should look and how important is the external beauty. Is it possible for a child to distinguish between the black and white? Due to these problems, public is having a hot debate on whether child beauty pageants should be ban. To my view, child beauty pageants should definitely be banned. Child beauty pageants seem to be influential to the mind of the children, as it is associated with a lot of effects, like psychological effects, hypersexualization, etc. So, I believe their parents should not prey on their children and all of them should have the equal chance to discover their natural talents and abilities through play, similar to how their parents were treated when they were young. Their childhood should not be occupied with grilling in…show more content…
To stand out from the other competitors, children are always taught to dance and pose provocatively or sensually by their parents. Also, they are required to wear revealing outfits to attract the public. All they required doing seem to be not suitable for their ages as their mental are unprepared for them. They should keep the innocence of childhood and growing up too early is just forcing them to face the reality. Back to the subject, early sexualization can cause negative effects across a variety of health domains. For cognitive and emotional consequences, it will undermine a person’s confidence towards her body, and hence, causing emotional and self-image problems, such as shame and
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