Beauty Pageants: The Negative Effects Of Beauty Pageants

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Hundreds of contestants eagerly competing for title. Beauty pageants have negative effects nationwide. These negative effects include eating disorders, psychological effects, depression, the child not having second choice, and being objectified. On September 16, 2013, Nina Davuluri won crown and title of miss universe. Has been a source of controversy since its main focus is on physical appearance and promoting unrealistic female attributes. But what the people don 't really know about beauty pageants is that it can cause depression and low self esteem. Including that contestants in pageants they take their position very serious because they care about their body image, teeth, smile, their posture up on stage, and most of all impressing the judges. Not only being in beauty pageants make psychological damages, but it may have its lasting effects in the lives of women. We need to be more attentive on developing what’s on the inside and outside also focusing that we are beautiful no matter what. Beauty pageants are not only for young girls getting dolled up but if we think of the negatives, being unhealthy. Many girls work very hard to get their body because for them or the mom, it is important for their body to be perfect.
Beauty pageants should be banned because there is a risk of eating disorders. “ A 2005 study revealed that past childhood contestants express higher rates of dissatisfaction with their bodies”,(The Odyssey Online) many of the contestants

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