Beauty Pageants Negative Effects On Children

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Imagine living in a world where life revolves around spray tans, botox, fake eyelashes, and young girls walk around in inappropriate outfits. Most girls are pressured to be perfect in the society of beauty pageants. Many of the children’s parents are making their children grow up too fast. These parents pressuring their children can lead to bad communication skills, as well as bad relationships. Children are focusing on their beauty and not their education, or relationships. Beauty pageants have a negative effect on female adolescents, because of low self esteem, children growing up too fast, and beauty enhancements performed on young girls.
Self esteem and and bad relationships are effects on girls from participating in beauty pageants. Many young girls are also taught that they’re beauty is the most important thing. Furthermore many young girls have low self esteem from watching and competing in beauty pageants. According to psychologists, it is unhealthy for girls to watch and compete in pageants. For example the television show, “Toddlers and Tiaras” teaches young vulnerable girls that beauty is
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In many situations authors of these databases witness many times that the mothers are not given a break because they believe their daughters have to stay flawless. According to Cartwright, there have been many situations where mothers are putting a lot of pressure on their daughters to look and act like an adult, as well as teaching them that beauty is what matters most not what's on the inside. She has also witnessed parents chastising their kids for a bad performance, or not looking enthused and flawless. Cartwright also wrote that these pageants could lead to eating disorders, anxiety, depression, and stress. Children are also sleep deprived and parents refuse a rest or break. The parents usually give them candy, soda, caffeine just too keep them awake (Child Beauty
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